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If you are looking for beautiful decorations and different demands with granite products makers barking – Super Stone to obtain. Solid Surface composed of mineral composition of advanced polymer produced in areas such as health services, a variety of sinks, sheets, designs, margins, columns, wall panels, ceiling and floor can be used. The features of these products are integrated in colors, designs and granite edge flexible and have no restrictions on the project.

Solid Surface Over the years, due to the unique and marvelous advantages over the years because of their special position in the field of architecture and decoration, as well as domestic, industrial and laboratory in the Americas, Europe and the Arab has found. We are honored to have with Solid Surface material Solid granite products manufacturers Pars introduced you to the extensive capabilities in the design and implementation were benefited.

کارخانه گرانیت سازان

Head Office: Vali Asr Street – higher than the GUI born Khalil Street – No. 26 Fifth Floor Unit 17

Factory: Qom old road Shams Abad Industrial Groves Boulevard St Golshid two

Phone support and sales boarding: 00989103030368

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