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Application of Corrin super stone

Application of Corrin super stone

Creativity and innovation in the field of construction products created, modern architecture and interior design, super stone has a special place and that is every day with a variety of control technology of this product.

A few more contributions from the use of this product in various places we’ve counted on:

The internal spaces of homes and offices:

Counter and kitchen plates

Toilets and bathrooms

These pages because of the special circumstances that provide design, this amount can be a beautiful dream kitchen you for charity

But the point that the importance of this case raises a higher density of acetone that is super high resistance towards the flexibility resulting from spots and food liquids and acids increase. And also because of the lack of holes, this product is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and hygienic environment for you;.

Another thing that makes the proposed strengthening of the use of zero water absorption, Anna is the hygiene and easy cleaning it.

Sample tsaober a beautiful kitchen and toilets have been working with these plates and rocks can be found through the site’s Gallery view.


Hospitals, dental clinics, surgical operation rooms, sanitary and laboratory environments:

In addition to all the advantages of this type of antibacterial pages, ease of cleaning and color variations top super stone, this product is a very good option for the application in these places.


Projects with large and specific dimensions:

In addition to all the benefits of health and beauty of this product is a factor that implementing large projects has helped the big dimension stones and slabs of sizes of pages in, and on the other with regard to multiple connectivity piece of the pages, without having the seam between them and create a service for you that provides an integrated environment with the length and width you can even create unlimited.


And any place where the beauty of being on the side of the environment about the importance of health, such as:


Dining table, dining and breakfast lunch


Counter strike restaurants

Jewelry stores

Flower stores




Used in all modern and classical decoration design

Next to the tables, like a Lampshade red products, furniture, sculptures, vases, table, phone, etc.