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Sink wallpapers

To view pictures click on the pictures. On each picture profile it is mentioned: L = length W = width H = the thickness of the At the bottom of the order for product code number [نمایش اسلایدی] Read More »

How to maintenance of the pages

From being super stone for your home or your workplace thank you selected. We hope that compliance with a few simple tips, this beautiful and durable product, able to calm and comfort for many years to your life together with your children and grandchildren to be brought. The little pathologies that happened may come to stahouh your pages easily by ... Read More »

Characteristics of super stone

Durable Beautiful appearance The length of the high Color variation Easy to install Easy Saab is easy Light weight High strength High lifetime Curved cut The ability to repair the scratches وشکل flexible flexibility High transparency and gloss Antibacterial and waterproof Affordable luxury Hygienic and anti-Microbe High resistance against scratches The ability to bend the pages More permanent restoration and ... Read More »

Application of Corrin super stone

Creativity and innovation in the field of construction products created, modern architecture and interior design, super stone has a special place and that is every day with a variety of control technology of this product. A few more contributions from the use of this product in various places we’ve counted on: The internal spaces of homes and offices: Counter and ... Read More »


In order to provide better services on the domestic level, the company sought to grant qualified entities as points to agency sales around the country, as the process of obtaining the order and supply of products in order to obtain customer satisfaction with more ease. therefore, in order to participate of the construction industry and wholesalers interior designer companies as ... Read More »