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Characteristics of super stone

Characteristics of super stone


Beautiful appearance

The length of the high

Color variation

Easy to install


Saab is easy

Light weight

High strength

High lifetime

Curved cut

The ability to repair the scratches

وشکل flexible flexibility

High transparency and gloss

Antibacterial and waterproof

Affordable luxury

Hygienic and anti-Microbe

High resistance against scratches

The ability to bend the pages

More permanent restoration and repair

The ability to repair the fracture lines

Cheap and easy repair and نگهدای

The collapse in front of non-failure

Integrated and seamless fitting

Integrating multiple pages side by side

Ageless design and functionality form disclosure

High weight bearing

Acidic substances and chemical resistance

Excellent payment functionality and flexibility of the polisher

Making beautiful effects by combining with water and light

Resistant to high temperature