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How to maintenance of the pages

How to maintenance of the pages

From being super stone for your home or your workplace thank you selected.

We hope that compliance with a few simple tips, this beautiful and durable product, able to calm and comfort for many years to your life together with your children and grandchildren to be brought.

The little pathologies that happened may come to stahouh your pages easily by a Certified Installer, restoration and reconstruction. But in the event that you observe the following, from the creation of the downtime you’ve prevented pages:

– Each of the pages with a cloth or sponge is sometimes dampened clean and then dry the wet surface.

– Hot pot never or heat-producing devices directly on these pages do not put. High thermal resistance of these pages. But however it is better to not put exposed to extreme heat.

– With regard to ease of grooming and being anti bacteria this product, usual detergents for the cleaning of the kitchen, and even strive to use of acetone, thinner, cleaner gas; the essence of salt and strong chemicals on these pages are not used.

– Component parts, sharp and khrashndeh directly on moisturizer pages. Use the meat from the Board.

– Stand on the levels and or put a very heavy objects.

– If you see any spots you can use pure water and clean the screen cloth and never let the colored spots on surfaces long pages.

– Never use a dishwasher for cleaning, not the pages of the wire because it creates a line scratched on the pages.

– If you see any lines and scratches can polishing and buffing using a soft reset to restore levels of gloss.

Sazan PARS Granit products without surface pores and therefore may be with a clean wet cloth, sponge and clean in General. Morphological and pashahay every day with a simple technique to ease clean up. In certain situations and for some spot because the food, tea and fruit juice Lak, need to develop a better pure has tknikohay. These cases should be referred by some powerful white face and immediately rinse with water. (From the sharp edge of the object to eliminate use surely spot).