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In order to provide better services on the domestic level, the company sought to grant qualified entities as points to agency sales around the country, as the process of obtaining the order and supply of products in order to obtain customer satisfaction with more ease. therefore, in order to participate of the construction industry and wholesalers interior designer companies as sales agencies are invited to contribute. As sales partner agency branches in the marketing activity will pay, are required to equip one of the pages of your store with products.

Khahshmandst before completing the form, compared to the study guide for the process of getting the sales function.

A guide to the process of obtaining a rating agency sales


The present guide the process of obtaining a rating agency’s sale from the side of a granite sazan PARS in order to do marketing and obtaining order explains. This guide aims to make familiar the applicants obtaining a rating agency buy prepared and contains the following items:

The process of applying

The admissions process, tqazameh

Acceptance of the application can be done in two ways: through direct recourse to the business sector and directly through the company’s website.


Admission to the Department of Commerce through mrahah

Refer directly to the company’s trading unit can then check out the necessary competence and action steps to obtain نماینگی.


Admission directly through the company website

In order to ease more artbatalt applicants can apply directly through the website in order to obtain the rating agency. Do this by filling out the form for obtaining a rating agency’s sales through the following form is possible.


In this case the company after reviewing the Agency’s demand to buy if the qualification of the applicant with additional steps will do the call.


The conditions of eligibility of applicants

In order to grant further points of sale, the company of between retailers and wholesalers building industry and interior designer companies their activities in a way that the user is associated with a product, will attempt to conclude a contract.